Monday, 21 March 2016

Sumpah Apoteker UMS angkatan 24 th 2016 05 Maret @TheSunanHotel

My Graduation @TheSunanHotel 05.03.2016 with mamak bapak
Almost complete formation

Alhamdulillah I've completed my study at UMS and got my Pharmacist tittle. Thank you mak pak bue pak kumis mas eko mas arep gaga for the support, Without them I don't think that I could make it. I've been stay in solo for 1 year Alhamdulillah I met many good people. After the graduation now is the time to prove that I can be a good an professional pharmacist may be Iam not smart enough nor an active person but I am a hard worker person I'd like to learn something new. Some of my good friend told me (when I almost failed my UKK it called ujian kompetensi, I took pharmacy vocational school so I have to take the test and pass it with minimum point 75 if iam not mistaken) that when they saw me they knew that I could make it I can make it through all of the odds I just need being focused and believe. Alhamdulillah now I have passed all of it from JHS SHS Bachelor degree and Pharmacist degree. Bismillah with rememberance Allah hearts will at ease (Ar-Rad 28) remember Allah in bad and good time. If you believe that u can make it insya allah u'll make it. I hope i'll getting job and working at the company that I dreamed for a long time a go. I hope I can be someone that many people can count on. Ya Allah made us being a grateful person not a whine person. My plan is getting a job ASAP and help my parents. Ridhoilah hamba ya rabb semoga hamba bisa segera bekerja bermanfaat untuk orang banyak, bisa menolong orang banyak, bisa membantu k2 orang tua bisa menabung untuk memberangkatkan haji mamak bapak. Aamiin Ya Rabbal Alamin :')

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